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    :4▓7 BJTBEIJING, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Presi▓dent Xi Jinping's first overseas trip in 2019 h▓as achieved a train of tangible results, thus further▓ unlocking potential for more dynamic and productive cooperation between China and its many European partn

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    ers.The Europe tour, which took him to It▓aly, Monaco and France, has helped bolster Belt and Road cooperation, stimulate inter-cultural exchanges, and build up a global consensus on safeguarding multilateralism for a better▓ and more shared future.B&R BOOST


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ERDuring Xi's visit to Italy, the two countries inked a me▓morandum of understanding (MoU) on jointly advancing the construction of the Belt and Road Initiat

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jing and Rome agreed that the BRI boasts huge potential in promoting infrastructure connectivity.The two sides stand ready to strengthen the a▓lignment of th

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